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Hanks Reunions
09 January 2005 01:45

In a comment to my post about blog entry comments, 'clyman' asked if I could put information on the site about Hanks family reunions. What a great idea! If you know of a reunion for any branch of the Hanks family this year or in years to come, please either email me, or leave comments on this entry, and I'll add it to the Events section on the right. I believe there will be a reunion for descendants of David Capener and Emma Wright Hulet Hanks in the mid or late summer. I'll post more details as I get them.

A year or so ago, a group of cousins got together down at Capitol Reef for a couple days together, and sounded like it was a lot of fun. I wasn't able to make it, but I've got a scout camp planned down there this summer. I've never been there myself (what a shame!) Perhaps we could set up a weekend where anyone interested could meet up down there for a fun weekend together.

I've also thought it would be a grand event to sometime stage an Ephraim Hanks reunion. It would be a massive undertaking. At one estimate, all of Eph's descendants plus their families could be well over 10,000 people (perhaps that's over-estimating, but I'd bet it's at least 5,000). Between Eph and 3 of his wives, he fathered 27 children, many of whom had large families. A major part of the preparation would be trying to contact as many of his posterity as possible.

I envision a day started off by a flag ceremony performed by the Mormon Battallion, handcarts, horses, 'pioneers', 'sailors', 'mountain men', a wireless hot-spot for research collaboration, lots of fun activities for the kids, good food (lots of dutch ovens), interesting presentations, and so forth. It would be a lot of work, but a memorable event. Perhaps it could be held in conjunction with the Mormon Handcart Pageant, held at the Juab, Utah County fairgounds (which would probably be large enough to accomodate such an event). It's probably too late to try and plan something like this for 2005, but perhaps 2006 or 2007?

Do you know of a Hanks or other family reunion this year involving Eph Hanks descendants? What would you like to see at an Eph Hanks reunion? Leave your comments by clicking the link below!


On 25 July 2005 12:50 MaryAnne Moody wrote:
As a descendant of Eph, I'd love to see some pioneer heritage in a reunion / celebration!

On 25 August 2005 17:38 Sheryle Hanks Landon wrote:
I am one of the E.K. Hanks family, my father was William Delmar Hanks. So glad I found your site. Very interesting, yes I would like to see a family reunion organized and would be glad to help. Sheryle

On 14 September 2005 14:10 James K Hyde wrote:
I would like to receive information on the Hank's reunions. It would be great to attend and visit with the family. I am a descendent of Eph. Jim Hyde

On 13 June 2009 19:00 Celeste Crosby Whedon wrote:
I happened to stumble on this website and conversation. I also would love to be involved in a family reunion. I also am the granddaughter of Janice Mae Hyde, granddaughter of Marcia Melia Hanks Hyde. My extended family has already been talking of doing a much needed family reunion in 2010. If anyone is reading these, what about it? Are we all in? Thanks!

On 24 July 2007 14:07 David Jackman wrote:
Try contacting Phil Hanks via Phildawn@xmission.com. He organized a reunion this past year. :)

On 05 March 2008 04:04 ginger wrote:
I am a decendant of thisbie Quilley Read and Ephriam.Their daughter Martha Georgiana Hanks Allen who married Daniel Allen had Thisbie Louise who is my geat-grandmother and whom died in 1982 at the age of 94. I was 9. You may not even get this, but I think a family reunion would be really special. I am related on my fathers side. His name is Gordon anderson and we live in Pocatello,Id. a few years ago he and I did a geneology trip to Hanksville and went up to teasdale and thru cainsville and were able to visit grave sites. it was amazing and we learned a lot, however it would be a real treat to get to know the as much of the family as possible. My fathers side is originally from the oakley/burley,id area. thisbie married my gg grandfather albert "shorty"anderson and they ended up there in about 1912 or so. My name is ginger anderson taft. hope to hear from you!

On 19 October 2008 19:34 Kathy Ensign England wrote:
I'm happy to help plan a large Hanks' reunion for 2010 in conjunction with The Handcart Pageant. My grandfather, Frank Hyde Ensign, was a grandson of Marcia Amelia Hanks Hyde, Eph's oldest daughter. Marcia was born 3 Jul 1851 to Eph and Harriet Amelia Decker, Eph's first wife. I have a large extended family who would love to come to a possible reunion. I have over 39 family emails I could contribute and would be happy to collect more Hanks' family emails and do emails advertising and inviting Eph's descendants to the reunion. Our own Hanks' branch has done some fun skits about Ephraim's days as a station master for the Pony Express. Did you know Eph beat Jim Bridger in an "I Dare" contest killing a large bear with nothing but his knife? If I can help, please contact me! Thanks, Kathy Ensign England P.S. This wiki site is fabulous! Thank you!

On 14 June 2009 20:37 Dan Hanks wrote:
In a meeting last fall with the committee who set up the reunion for Eph Hanks desdcendants in 2006, we were looking at trying again 5 years out which would put us in the summer of 2011. But if there's enough interest in 2010, we could possibly do that instead. If you're interested in helping to plan and carry out such a reunion, send me an email at danhanks@gmail.com. We'll get you involved!

On 05 January 2010 11:42 John Giles wrote:
I'm Eph's 2nd great grandson; his daughter Amy Alicia married my great grandfather John George Giles. I live in Carlsbad (San Diego County) and have recently become aware of a possibility for a sort of mini-reunion. In Old Town San Diego there is a Museum of the Mormon Battalion. It has been closed for renovation but will be re-opening sometime this year. The website (http://www.lds.org/placestovisit/location/0,10634,1790-1-1-1,00.html) says only that they are reopening in 2009 (too late!). At some point the museum must be having some ceremony to re-open. It strikes me that this would be a fabulous opportunity for his descendents in Southern California to meet. I'll keep my eyes open and if I hear any more info about when the museaum re-opens, I'll post it here. Who knows - maybe there are some cousins nearby. All the best - John Giles

On 07 February 2010 22:52 Rache Hodges wrote:
I am a 3rd great grandaughter to Eph and Jane. My grandmother was Alfreda Hanks, who father was William Hanks and William's father was William Hanks the first son of Eph and Jane. Would love to hear of any reunion coming up.

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