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New feature: Blog entry comments
22 December 2004 03:11

After some feverish hacking tonight (and staying up way too late, I might add...) you can now post comments on any of my blog entries. I'm eager to hear from those of you visiting my website. Got something you'd like to say about a particluar post? Click the "Reader comments" link at the bottom of any post and you will be able to see what other visitors have said about that particular post, as well as be able to add your own comments.

Hope to hear from many of you soon!


On 05 January 2005 23:16 clyman wrote:
Thanks for all you hard work. I have been reading your web sight for several years. As a decendant of Eph Hanks,I enjoy all I can read about him. I have just recently moved"back to the west" and I am very interrested in any family reunions that are being planned or happen on a regular basis. Could you put that type of information on your web sight? Thanks again!

On 06 January 2005 00:40 Margaret Rackham wrote:
Thank you for your efforts. I enjoy thinking about Eph Hanks and I tell my grandsons about him. I don't do computers very well, but I hope I did this comment correctly. I come through Gertrude Felt (my grandmother) who was the grand=daughter of Harriet Decker Hanks. Thanks again for your efforts.

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