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And yet more references to Ephraim Hanks
12 December 2004 23:45

Now if only I could find this many references to my other ancestors . . . I guess Eph was illustrious enough of a character that he got his name in a lot of places. I sometimes worry that I spend a little too much time on Eph, at the expense of my other progenitors. But as a great-grandson bearing his surname, I also feel an obligation to do a lot of research about him. All these references help to paint a more complete picture of the man. That fact that there's so much out there begs that it be collected, and I hope I'm accomplishing that with this site. This site has certainly been a blessing to me in the large number of cousins I have had contact me as a result of finding it. It's a thrill to get to know each one of you, dear readers!

At any rate, here's another page that mentions Eph.
Autobiography of Nathaniel Leavitt Jr
Eph is mentioned in passing at the very end of the document.

While we like to focus on the more positive stories of our ancestors, the fact remains that they were human like us, and also made their share of mistakes. A while back while searching the Mountain West Digital Library, I came across this journal entry by James Lovett Bunting, in which we read, "Janry 12th 1861 Saturday One o'clock p m. I attended the w'kly concil of the Seventies held in their Hall. The subject of drunkenness was spoken upon at length & condemned in Strong terms -- Ephrem Hanks was droped from the presidency of the 21st quorum for drunkenness" (click the "page & text" button at the upper right for a transcription of the page)

I've heard a story told about Eph acting the drunk (or some such behavior) to avoid being called as a bishop or something like that. I'll have to see if I can dig it up in the material I have. Makes me wonder if that story is related somehow to the events in the journal entry.


On 30 July 2008 13:31 Necia Seamons wrote:
Hi! I just learned about Ephraim Hanks and we've heard, in our family, that he was a friend of my ancestor, Zemira Palmer. Did you ever hear of him? Supposedly Ephraim stopped by Zemira's house on his way to talk to Brigham Young about rescuing the handcart companies. Do you know any more concerning

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