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More on the USS Columbus
29 June 2004 02:00

Found this image of the USS Columbus here. Look near the bottom of the page. The image is from after Eph's time on-board. It appears reproductions of the images can be purchased from NARA. Update: Also found the same image available at a better resolution here. If you click on the image on that page, you can see it in much greater detail. Update 2: Also found a page at the Navy History website that gives some more info about this image.

Another small, but interesting bit of minutia: At the bottom of this page is a link to an image of an exhibition put on by the Navy in 1876. The exhibition included a monument made of "wood from ships lost in the Norfolk-Hampton Roads area during the Civil War", including a piece from the USS Columbus (The Columbus Eph sailed on was sunk at Norfolk Shipyard by retreating Union forces in the Civil War to prevent her capture by Confederate forces).

Also found the book, Man of War Life: A Boy's Experience in the United States Navy which is a personal account written by Charles Nordhoff about his time onboard the USS Columbus from 1845 to 1848, which would have been the next voyage of the ship after Eph got off.


On 02 January 2009 23:14 Gaylene wrote:
Thank you for taking the time to research this. After reading about EKH's life I was curious about his life at sea, where he went and what the ship would have looked like.

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