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Comments on 'Hanks Ancestry':

On 13 August 2005 19:57 Jeff Frame wrote:
I am attempting to find a ancestry link to Ephriam Hanks and Marion Duff Hanks. Can you help?

On 07 September 2007 11:45 Milt Hanks wrote:
Duff Hanks is a descendant of Sydney A. Hanks, Eph's older brother.

On 13 November 2008 18:51 Judy Dellis (aka. Judy Culbertson wrote:
I would love to hear from you. I dated your brother(who didn't) when you lived in Dayton, Ohio. How is Nancy?

On 02 January 2009 23:14 Dan wrote:
This is a test

On 02 January 2009 23:14 wrote:

On 02 January 2009 23:14 wrote:

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