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Comments on 'Eph Hanks' grave':

On 31 March 2005 22:53 Shelly Hanks wrote:
I am searching for any information about my Father and Grandfather. Fathers name was Samuel James Hanks, and Grandfather was James Rule Hanks I know that they lived in Oklahoma and my Grandfather was in the army also my father was too, but not sure of the dates or where they were stationed.I know both are deceased and buried in Oklahoma but don't know the cemetary either. Any help I would appreciate. Thank you, Shelly Hanks Courtemanche

On 11 October 2005 14:51 elizabeth gould wrote:
i don't have any informantion on you request. but i do like what you have done for my great great great grandma and grandpa hanks. thisbe read and ephriam are my great great great grandparents from my mother's side.we traced the gift from ehpraim down the family lines, the healing has not come out as much but we have had other things come out. we feel ephriam was very gifted to who was sick and where to knock at the door. and when brigham young was calling for him. thank you for your time.

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