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Comments on 'The Tempered Wind, and other site news':

On 05 June 2008 19:54 Nancy Wilkes wrote:
Hi Daniel C. Hanks and family, My name is Nancy Wilkes and I am a direct descendent of Eph and Thisbe Quilley Read (they are my 3rd gr. grandparents through the Hanks line) and I am recently very interested in my family history and genealogy. I think a book form of The Tempered Wind is a grand idea! In fact, I would like to present this book in hardcover as gifts for this Christmas to my three children, as well as extended family members who I know are interested. How can we further this? Copyrights, anyone? Let me know if I can help. I live in Mesa, Arizona and am very excited about this endeavor. Please contact me at nanwilkes@hotmail.com or feel free to call me direct at (480) 258-1723 on my cell. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you. . . Sincerely, Nancy Wilkes mkablc

On 02 November 2008 18:08 Mike wrote:
Hi, I once heard a story about Ephraim Hanks that I haven't been able to find again and was hoping you could help. The story went that Ephraim always did what the prophet told him and was often away from home performing the tasks he had been given. Once, when he was told to go somewhere his wife became angry and said that if he went she would not be there when he got back. Not knowing what to do, he went to Brigham to ask for guidance. Brigham told him to go and that things would be fine. He went and his wife left him. When he had helped in the rescue of the handcart companies in 1856, Ephraim had cared for a young girl who was suffering from cold and starvation at one of the camps. I think the story went that she was 13 at the time and fell in love with him. Years later, after she had grown up, Brigham told Ephraim to go to the girls house one day and to ask her to marry him. Ephrain did as he was told and asked the girl, who was quite a bit younger than him. She still loved him from the time he had cared fro her all those years ago and siad yes. Can you provide any information n this story or verify it? Thanks. Mike McMaken

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