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Comments on 'An obituary of a cousin':

On 08 August 2006 14:58 Tami Forsgren wrote:
Evelyn Wood was my aunt - she also had an older sister - Melva Brown and a brother - my dad - Knowlton Hanks Brown. Knowlton died February 26, 2004, Melva passed away on May 3, 2004 on Knowlton's birthday and then Evelyn passed away on February 26, 2005. My grandfather was named Ephriam Knowlton Hanks Brown by his grandfather - EK Hanks -

On 21 October 2009 18:50 Scott F. Wood wrote:
Evelyn Wood is my mother. We are all descendants of EK Hanks through Jane Capener. About 25 years ago my family and I located the cave that EK Hanks and his wife Thisbie and a couple of sons lived in on Pleasant Creek in Capital Reef National Park. A great couple by the name of Lurt and Alice Knee who lived nearby told us about it.

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