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References to Ephraim Hanks
08 December 2004 22:52

Sherry Smith sent me a copy of a Sketch of the Life of William Morley Black. If I count right, Ephraim Hanks is mentioned in the 16th paragraph of that document, in which the protagonist describes Ephraim's activities in helping to avoid a potentially deadly encounter with a group of Indians while journeying to Sanpete Valley. A nice description of Eph's influence with the Indians.

Also, this evening I found another account mentioning him, the Autobiography of George Washington Bean, who refers to Ephraim as a "messmate" of his brother-in-law William Casper, from the Mormon Battalion. George Washington Bean was a pioneer of 1847, and William and Ephraim boarded with him the first winter in the valley.

And finally, another. This PDF file mentions Eph meeting up with an old friend, Allen Taylor. Google has a web page version you can read also.


On 15 July 2007 18:15 Brian wrote:
Do you know of any audio books about Ephraim Hanks ? Or any related subject about our pioneers ? I'm a truck driver and cannot read the books.

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