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More pictures of the USS Columbus
05 December 2004 23:51

Some browsing this evening led me to some more images of the USS Columbus. They are found on a page about the USS Vicennes. After Eph got off the columbus in 1844, the ship took a voyage around the world, accompanied for much of the voyage by the USS Vicennes. This voyage is followed in some detail in the book Man of War Life, mentioned in an earlier post.

This image shows the Columbus in Tokyo Bay surrounded by Japanese boats with the Vicennes in the background.

This image from the same page, is of Japanese origin, showing the two vessels in the distance.

You can click on both images for larger versions.

On a related note, tomorrow I'll be sending away for copies of some of the Columbus deck logs from the time when Eph Hanks was on board the ship. If they prove interesting, I'll try to obtain copies of the logs (about 600 pages) for the entire voyage.


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