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Ships plans for the USS Columbus
12 September 2004 16:08

One more note about the USS Columbus. A while back I found this site which offers copies of plans from the National Archives for the USS Columbus. If you look at item CO-003 on that page, they have available several pages detailing various parts of the Columbus, for a fairly reasonable price. Also, there is information about the Columbus in item C0-006A.

With my interest in tall ships, I've also become interested in building model-ships. Someday I'd like to build a museum-quality scale model of the Columbus. Whether that will happen in the next decade or not is anybody's guess :-). For some reason, I don't seem to have several thousand hours of time to put into it off-hand.

Ah well, I guess I can settle for rigging up one of the Raingutter Regatta kits from the cub scouts to look like the Columbus for now :-).


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